'Mr. Harry'

Our 1909 25 HP Case Traction Engine

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The tractor was originally owned by Mr. Banwell of Riverbank, Iowa.

The engine was next purchased by Mr. John Rowles of Fort Dodge, Iowa. During the time period that Mr. Rowles owned the 25, extensive repairs were made to the boiler in 1985. Mr. and Mrs. Rowles  owned the engine from the late 70's until 2001. 

The engine was then sold to Curt Shelling in 2001 who owned it for 1 year.

 Harry S. Freeman, Statesboro, Georgia, bought the engine in October of 2002. The engine and boiler had not been reassembled after the 1985 repairs that were made by the Rowles' and many parts were missing. Among the repairs and replacements were: Crank mains poured, rod bearings turned, new shoe for the crosshead, new smoke stack base, new rings on the balanced valve, new rods and ends on the valve and Wolf gear, new oilers and lubricators throughout, new piston rings, new schedule 80 plumbing throughout, all new Lunkenheimer valves and check valves, new fusible plug, new 100 lb. pop off, has a new walnut canopy with a standing seam copper roof with the design of the proper early vintage, new Contractor bunkers and tank, rebuilt 3/4" Penberthy Injector, 2 cylinder Gardner Denver feed water pump.

There are several things that stand out about this engine as a 25 hp that are different from the later 75hp.  Some examples on 'Mr. Harry' are: the tractor has a square front axle with a support for the chain on the axle, flat top steam dome, flat top fire box, canopy support is on the right and left-hand side of the clutch and valve selector and on top of the steam dome with one post, boiler fill hole is at the back of the boiler with the pressure gauge, drawbar is located between the tanks and bunkers, has the short smoke box, steam water pump is on the side of the boiler, the heater has 'Case' in raised cast letters and the heater is cast iron, and there are no through stay bolts.

Chady Atteberry and Joe Graziana visited with us on November 9-10, 2003. We had a great time visiting with Mr. Chady and Joe and learned a lot about the Case 25hp engine from talking with them. Mr. Chady was sure to congratulate us on having a 25HP Case because he said that size engine was the most popular plowing engine because of its weight to HP ratio.  Joe might disagree (since he is a Keck-Gonnerman man!), but there is no doubt that Mr. Chady is Case through and through!

These two shots show the engine at its first firing in 60 - 70 years!



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